The roadmap to release

Written 5 years ago by Adam

We’re stoked to announce that we’re working hard to launch a platform that will hopefully help to make it easier for Dutch coffee professionals to find each other.

What are you up to?
Having worked in the coffee industry for almost a decade ourselves, we’ve noticed that finding a job or developing a career in the coffee industry isn’t something you can find in a textbook manual. And in turn, finding skilled and dependable staff in this industry has always been a challenge. Hopefully, we can help and make it easier for both, the professional and the coffee business, to find each other and help the industry doing better at what they do best.

So, when are you going live?
We’re currently in the progress to get an alpha version online for testing purposes and hopefully a working beta in March. Since we’re doing this besides our normal day jobs, thing are going less faster than usual, but hey! We’re getting there!

What’s with the English?
Coffee has always been an international playing field with professionals working abroad and domestic. So it also makes sense for us to make it accessible for those coming from abroad, especially with an ever-increasing influx of international coffee professionals.

Is there anything that I can do to help?
Yes! We’re looking for people that are willing to help us and cultivate a community and provide content for our social channels. If you have a background in community management and/or blogging and a passion for the industry, we’d love to hear from you! Unfortunately, we’re currently not in a position to provide any financial compensation, but that’s something that we do want to aim for. Still interested? Send us an email with a brief explanation in what capacity you could help us and we’ll be in touch: hello@dutchcoffeejobs.com.

I run a company/roastery/cafe/bar/chain and I’m very interested!
So are we! We’d love to hear from you and explain what we can mean for each other. Send us an email and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as we can: hello@dutchcoffeejobs.com.

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